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This likely stems from the preponderance of behavioral information related to populations with epilepsy secondary to foci in the temporal lobes.Long holding a fascination for behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry, seizures emanating from the temporal lobes have been associated with subtle alterations of mood, perception, cognition, comportment, and autonomic function without a necessary loss of consciousness.In one type, that of being "disinhibited," harkening back to the classic case of Phineas Gage, the patient displays dramatic impulsivity, loss of judgment, an inability to foresee the consequences of one’s actions, increased motor activity, and a puerile, jocular affect.In a second type, best described as "abulic," the patient shows apathy, lethargy, emotional blunting, little sexual interest, loss of initiative, and poor planning.

While a vast literature has sprung up addressing varied neurobehavioral, psychological, and sociological perspectives of epilepsy and seizures, surprisingly little has been focused on the specific contributions of the frontal lobes.This partnership was done with you, our audience, in mind.We are delighted to be able to offer this to our audience.are offering the Epilepsy Foundation access to newly released journal articles from Epilepsy & Behavior on a monthly basis.Patient INFORM is working with us on this important endeavor.

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