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Track: you probably have track of a single type in the box, but there are occasions where everything got thrown together. Post-1945 trains have mainly plastic cars and a knuckle-type coupler.(Only the Scout sets from the late 1940s have an odd coupler.

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However, the NMRA has a special interest group that maintains and runs OO. The major brands are LGB, Marklin, Aristocraft, Bachmann, Hartland Locomotive Works and USA Trains. If you have #1 with tubular or other rails and metallic ties, it might be an antique! Power to the trains must course through a transformer. The transformer steps down the household current to the 9 to 20 volts used by model trains.We're a source of general information.) Many believe that all old trains are worth plenty of money. Most are not all that rare, and so do not command too much of a price. Modern Replacement Parts for Old Trains: Track, Switches (Turnouts) and Track Accessories (pins, joiners): Lionel and K-Line make tubular track for O and O27.You can buy guides to help you evaluate your trains. However, the tab of a tab-and-slot coupler can be fitted into the Marx knuckle coupler. Both also make switches, crossovers and operating/ remote sections.All post-1945 Lionel Transformers are equipped with circuit breakers.All K-Line and all MTH transformers have circuit breakers.

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