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My mom is very beautiful and looks younger than a woman in her fifties so it is not unexpected that other men would hit on her.

I took time to imagine walking in her shoes and I understand she is really hurt, she has asked to leave his house several, I've been the one calming her down and advising her not to leave at her age.

She is independent and has a good job, and according to her there is no sexual relationship between them again.

Now I know she is flirting with these men due to loniless and several heartbreak but then, it is disgusting to me that my mom is involved in that even to the point of sending nudes, I saw all these and I am just confused on how to handle this matter. You dont need to confront her I will advise you let your Mum divorce your Dad and remarry another suitor.

All the best Hi ladylco, I have a relative of 60yrs who wants to apply for schengen visa. What are her chances of getting a schengen visa and additional document she needs apartfrom the general requirement?

Thanks Yelabechi: I am a guy of 34 and I'm married with 2kids.

And by reading your posts I can see you are yet to tear into the skin of this society, which is understandable because we all roll in this society at different places and with different people.

There is a girl in every woman and viceversa To be honest with you im not well versed in this hotel booking stuff. The last time i booked for someone i did it from Bookings .Swedes know this so you don’t need to argue about this because they have all admitted this. So go back and read the incest I talked about, it doesn’t just make people look alike it also makes them behave alike, we are talking genes and DNA here.The guy cheated on is an ethnic white Swede in a 5yr living together civil partnership with his girl, just so you don’t think it’s a case of a blonde bimbo just using my African friend for sex.He told me he is speaking out of experience and won't want anybody to distract me while studying and hustling abroad.My girl is definitely none of what he described, she is a very good person and is never after money, She just love so much.

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