Online dating scams targeting women

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It’s our collective responsibility to clamp down by speaking up.In the endlessly lengthening maze of the internet, where policing of every dark corner is by its nature impossible, that – unfortunately – is our only hope.Both types currently fall outside the control of financial regulators in this country, meaning that people have little recourse to get their money back if they feel they’ve been scammed.But just because regulators are powerless to clamp down on these firms from a legal standpoint, it doesn’t mean that they should be totally shrugging off the responsibility of saving people from falling down the nasty, degrading rabbit hole. Many of the individuals falling for these types of scams are pensioners, especially tempted to give trading a shot because of changes to regulation in April 2015.A more ballsy subset of people – perhaps those who think of themselves as savvy, financially aware and a little bit opportunistic – might ponder ways to increase that handy sum. Obviously, savings accounts and ISAs don’t offer returns to speak of these days.Property is basically out of financial reach and prices of everything from groceries to holidays are rising as the pound lingers near multi-year lows.He said he had felt worthless and was trying to compensate.

We find that most of the scammers follow the same steps; after making initial contact (if you respond), they ultimately want to send you a check (often cashier's check) for their payment in advance (and often inform you that they will need to send a check for over the amount they owe you and ask that you send the remaining money to another company/service provider for them.) The checks are forgeries (although they often look legitimate) and some pet sitters have deposited the checks before they realized they were being scammed.We live in a low-return, high-cost world of deep economic uncertainty, so how would you feel if I suddenly granted you access to a pot of cash – for argument’s sake £20,000 or more – and said that you could do with it whatever you liked?A prudent proportion might choose to hold it in a bank account, where it can’t be grown but also won’t trickle away.As this 2017 article indicates, scammers continue to target those advertising their pet-sitting services online.For the last few years, Pet Sitters International has reported on internet scams targeting pet sitters.

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