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So what should you ask someone interesting when you meet online? This question gets a bad rap sometimes as unimaginative and banal, but I think it’s hugely important.What people do to earn a living tells you a lot about them.You spend a lot of time and energy wondering what the other person thinks of you.In the process, you sometimes don’t listen carefully to what the other person is saying (or not saying) about themselves.You can forget to think carefully about whether you might be truly compatible.This dynamic can happen during the early stages of any romantic relationship, but when you meet online you have to navigate additional pitfalls, as well.But before we get started on When you first meet someone you are interested in, you can spend more energy trying to make sure that they like you, than thinking about whether or not you like them.You tell your best stories and try hard to be interesting.

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Literally millions of people (including me) who first met online are now married, and psychologists are starting to examine these relationships. One independent study surveyed almost 20,000 Americans who met their spouse online.

For starters, when you are interested in someone you meet online, you can assume that there will be good in-person chemistry.

This doesn’t always turn to be the case; no matter how much phone or email chemistry you share. Not a single spark.) Secondly, when you meet someone online, it’s easier for your imagination to get carried away by that heady mixture of excitement and hope.

We share more details about ourselves, more quickly.

We can do “casual intimacy.” When we meet online, therefore, it is easier to strike up a relationship with someone we are actually not all that compatible with. One obvious solution is to meet in person as soon as possible.

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