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The key to good sexting or online sex is communication and imagination.

It's all about painting pictures in the other person's mind and responding in a sexy way to the things they send to you.

Sexting and online sex means using phone calls, text messages, internet chat rooms, email, instant messaging or online video chat (such as Skype or Face Time) to exchange sex chat with another person or to send explicit pictures or video.

It could be your regular partner or someone you've met online.

Although there's no risk of sexually transmitted infections, there are other risks from sexting and online sex.

Someone could record your conversation or make your sexy chat, pictures or video public.

If your images do get into the wrong hands this could be highly embarrassing and could impact on your job and your other relationships.

It could also lead to cyber-bullying or someone trying to blackmail you.

You may feel guilty - the emotions involved in sexting and online sex are just as real as with any other kind of sex.Revenge porn doesn’t have to be from an ex-partner, if anyone passes on your images without your permission (even your current partner) this is a form of abuse.If someone does this to you it’s not your fault although unfortunately it could be difficult to regain control of your images.It's hard to judge character over the internet - they could turn out to be nasty or not be who you thought they were.There’s nothing illegal about sexting or online sex between two consenting adults, however you need to be careful that the person at the other end is legally old enough to be engaged in sexual activity.

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