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She thought there would be nothing there at all.’This was the second time in eight weeks Paterson had operated on policewoman Marie Pinfield, who had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on the chest wall behind her left breast in 2006.Both times he performed an experimental ‘cleavage-saving’ procedure — leaving some fatty tissue behind for cosmetic reasons — against Marie’s wishes and in breach of guidelines.‘It was traumatic enough to know she had breast cancer: these two operations just added to her distress,’ says Shirley, 54.‘If he’d done the first operation properly, Marie could have started chemo immediately, but it was delayed so she could give Mr Paterson another chance.‘I was furious with myself for letting him get his hands on my sister a second time.Shirley says her sister believed in right and wrong, putting things straight. Had she lived, Shirley says Marie would have welcomed Paterson’s conviction last week.Following a seven-week trial, he was found guilty of 17 counts of wounding with intent and three counts of unlawful wounding after the jury heard harrowing testimony from ten of his private patients, nine women and one man.Happier times: Marie Pinfield (pictured left with sister Shirley, right) was 48 when she went to her GP in the summer of 2006 complaining of breast pain.Referred to Solihull Hospital in the West Midlands, she was distraught when a scan revealed the tumour on her chest wall.Terrified the cancer would kill her, she decided she wanted a double mastectomy‘He messed up her first operation and when Marie gave him a second chance to put it right, he messed it up again.‘We’ll never know if the cancer would have come back anyway, but Marie was so traumatised by what she’d been through she wanted Ian Paterson stopped.’Marie was due to retire the year she died.

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He thought he was right and everyone else was wrong.‘He didn’t give the impression he was sorry at all or that he even considered he’d made mistakes. I think he wanted women to see him as some kind of saviour — and it was very painful to watch him ratcheting up the sadness of those who’d suffered at his hands.‘He tossed files to the floor, made flippant jokes and admitted some medical notes were shredded.

Marie Pinfield was 48 when she went to her GP in the summer of 2006 complaining of breast pain.

Terrified the cancer would kill her, she decided she wanted a double mastectomy, telling Shirley: ‘I’m scared my breasts will be the end of me.’Solihull Hospital insisted she undergo a psychiatric assessment to ensure she was of sound mind and was fully aware of the consequences, showing her pictures of what she might look like after the operation.

One particularly painful memory sticks in Shirley Moroney’s mind.

Her older sister Marie is lying in a hospital bed, in pain and acute distress after a second botched double mastectomy by rogue breast cancer surgeon Ian Paterson.

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