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Cultural shifts, such as same sex marriage and transnational adoptions enhance our notion of family, while the arrival of Polaroid cameras, smart phones, and the digital age have transformed the moments we capture and how we share them.

With nearly every photograph featured in this exhibition coming from a Canadian home, sheds light on how family photos reflect and shape our sense of self, family, community, and nation.

You can also go to to upload your photo and caption, and it will become part of our online gallery.

It considers the social, political, and technological influences that impact how we conceptualize and represent family.

A young college student took a picture of himself walking across the campus of TCU, his caption merely stated that he had took this picture in support of his best friend had disclosed the day before that he was HIV-positive.

Last year a children’s HIV organization in South Africa submitted a video of a group of their kids holding hands in a circle singing their “Adherence Chant,” the song they sing every day as they take their HIV medication.

And the one thing they have in common isn’t necessarily that they have HIV, it’s that they are affected by HIV. A Day with HIV is about breaking down the boundary between ‘us’ and ‘them.’”One participant that sticks out is “a young woman from New York who first submitted her photo in 2011; it’s a selfie taken on an elevated train platform but only the top part of her face is visible, barely enough that you might recognize her.

She’s sent in a photo nearly every year since then, and each picture reveals more of her — the rest of her face, her smile.

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