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Those convicted must register as sex offenders and spend a of 15 years in prison.The law, which takes effect August 1, allows for a maximum sentence of up to 50 years.Again, the excuse lawmakers have provided has to do with sex trafficking.To make sure that no one under 18 is working at a strip club and then gets sex trafficked, officials reasoned that we must also prevent anyone who looks like they could be under 18, and the best way to do that is to raise the minimum age for strippers to 21 years old.It doesn't matter if you have gotten explicit consent.It doesn't matter if the person you're paying is an adult woman.

No matter if there's no "trafficker" exerting force or coercion, Louisiana law considers them victims, rather than perpetrators, of a crime.

Welcome to Louisiana, where women who are old enough to vote and join the military have just been declared children under the state law, at least when it comes to sex and certain forms of employment. shall be prosecuted for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being trafficked").

Under the new law, "sex trafficking victims" ages 18-20 cannot be convicted of prostitution. But Louisiana law declares that sex-trafficking victims—of any age—are to be excluded from prostitution charges ("No victim of trafficking ...

The whole thing is obviously a disaster from a practical, criminal justice perspective. Here's how Louisiana's human trafficking law now reads (emphasis mine): A.

It shall be unlawful: (1)(a) For anyperson to knowingly recruit, harbor, transport, provide, solicit, receive, isolate, entice, obtain, or maintain the use of another person through fraud, force, or coercion to provide services or labor (b) For any person to knowingly recruit, harbor, transport, provide, solicit, sell, purchase, receive, isolate, entice, obtain, or maintain the use of a person under the age of twenty-one years for the purpose of engaging in commercial sexual activity regardless of whether the person was recruited, harbored, transported, provided, solicited, sold, purchased, received, isolated, enticed, obtained, or maintained through fraud, force, or coercion.

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