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Ask the driver to pick you up when your meeting is over.Be careful after dark and lock the car doors while commuting.SEE ALSO Bali resorts review | Dives | Palawan | Sabah JUMP TO Port Moresby | Sightseeing in Port Moresby | Prick of hotels | Food and drink | Goroka guide | Madang guide | Dives and moonscape | Jungle hikes | Milne Bay | Oro province | Trobiand Islands | Hotel Contacts I LOVE Papua New Guinea.Sure, its capital is infamously crime-cursed, but it should be known that a large, inviting nation lurks beyond Port Moresby’s lawless boundaries.Authorities appear unable to curb this violence, and the usual victims are local Port Moresby residents.

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Health, education and welfare are cash-strapped however, and corruption is not unusual.“I’m sorry, sir,” one apologised as an afterthought.“I forgot your watch.” We were at the main gate of Papua New Guinea’s National Parliament (a striking building with giant murals illustrating the nation’s tribal lifestyles) and the incident relieved us of our money, passports, credit cards and cameras. E-mail Page Print Hotel Contacts Some would say our Port Moresby experience should come as no surprise.Downtown Port Moresby is reasonably safe for daytime walking but dress down.An open-necked white shirt and chinos are fine for business meetings, and leisure visitors can be even more casual. ▲ top The city offers a number of splendid attractions.

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