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Meridian went through massive optimization in preparation for the demo in Cologne, and it appeared to have a growth spurt - one that Tarsoly attributes to his robust toolset.He felt renewed vigor after the convention, soldiering on through Steam Early Access and into a final release on September 26.Ede Tarsoly is the man behind the isometric curtain, and his singular vision has fueled development since 2011.Meridian uses a graphics engine that handles nearly all aspects of 3D modeling, allowing Tarsoly to focus on his map editor and scripting tool, which were developed concurrently with the core game.

Amaya later partnered up with publisher/developer Nicalis to create an enhanced edition for Wii Ware and PC (which cost actual money), and even took the helm on a project to rebuild the game in 3D with an actual development team.

Amaya took inspiration from games of his youth like Metroid and Blaster Master and mashed them together into a tightly-designed, cartoony world of grand adventure with a surprisingly emotional story.

He created his own engine, created all of the art and music, and crafted a huge, interconnected sidescrolling world complete with multiple hidden endings - and then released it to the world completely free of charge.

Cave Story's story isn't over yet - Nicalis has plans to bring this wonderful game to Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

Nintendo hasn't made a proper 2D Metroid game since Zero Mission hit the Game Boy Advance in 2004, so it's been up to a variety of independent developers to fill the void left by spacefarer Samus' absence.

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