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This is the only time the Turin authorities have allowed the Shroud to be filmed removed from its bomb-proof case.

When, after much persuasion, the Church agreed to the carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin it was billed by the Media as Science v’s Religion. I had a close up view of what led up to the test and now understand what went wrong.

No one has a good idea how front and back images of a crucified man came to be on the cloth.

Yes, it is possible to create images that look similar.

Or was the precious relic entrusted to him by his teacher, St.

Euthymius, the “founder and patron of the Judaean wilderness”, who established several laurae of hermits in the Judaean desert? But we can say for sure that Antoninus gave an accurate description of the cave monastery which existed in the cliffs of the Wadi en-Nukheil, at least since the 5The Shroud of Turin may be the real burial cloth of Jesus.

It was probably a mixture of older threads and newer threads woven into the cloth as part of a medieval repair.

It bears an image of a naked man who, according to forensic pathologists, has endured a crucifixion.Philip Ball, the former physical science editor for Nature when the carbon dating results were published, recently wrote: “It’s fair to say that, despite the seemingly definitive tests in 1988, the status of the Shroud of Turin is murkier than ever.” If we wish to be scientific we must admit we do not know how old the cloth is.But if the newer thread is about half of what was tested – and some evidence suggests that – it is possible that the cloth is from the time of Christ.The laboratory used (via the National Museum in Madrid) said they were surprised by the result and asked if the cloth was contaminated with any oil based product, as oil is not cleaned by the laboratory processes used before carbon dating and if oil is present on a sample, the date produced by carbon dating is in fact the date of contamination. It is curious, because so far we know, the Sudarium had been carbon-dated in the 80s, by two laboratories: Tuscon and Toronto, based on samples taken from it by Max Frei and Pierluigi Baima-Bollone. So far I have met: 653-786 AD Toronto, and 642-769 AD (in other version 642-869 AD) Tuscon.Finally, the history of the Sudarium is very well established and there are definite references to its presence in Jerusalem in AD 570 and at the beginning of the fifth century.) gives some more details. Micheal Hesemann, on the other hand, reprots 540-869 AD.

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