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According to him, she reached out to his business email and asked him how she could get in shape. Baron also seems to share and appreciate his sense of humor, which is so important.

But I got a notification, and I was like, “Oh wow, Chad! If a professional actor is playing a villain, and reads that people hate his or her make-believe character, it’s actually a compliment to their work.

The latter of whom, I debated whether or not I’d actually approach for interview. Malika waltzed into the event wearing an off-white, skin tight unitard for which I still have no idea stayed it place, how she went to the bathroom, or breathed comfortably, but she looked incredible.

And Tiffany’s excitement when she spotted Malika was of absolute glee.

How did you like everyone in the house this season? And that’s when I spotted Chad on the other side of the bar.

David is from the UK as well, and he’s been a friend of mine, so I knew I had a wingman. All I knew of Chad was that he’s kind of a bad boy, and had a reputation of being a dick. What’s cool for him is that he got an opportunity on this show, that maybe he didn’t have on [, I thought. They actually showed my sense of humor, and who I am.

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