Relative dating verses absolute dating methods

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Richard Dawkins has admitted that his theory of naturalistic evolution is not watertight and has many unsolved mysteries.What are the main difficulties with which scientists like him struggle in attributing the origin of human life to evolution?Dawkins faces a huge problem in that atheists cannot provide a proper philosophical basis for scientific enterprise in the first place.When he claims that science is anti-God, he is effectively cutting off the branch he is sitting on.

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He also admits that the origin of sexual reproduction is a big mystery to him.

Naturalism itself doesn’t provide any basis for thinking about the universe in terms of order. He thought about the world in terms of ‘atoms’ that came into being by time and chance.

Of course, the problem with his worldview is that a chance universe cannot provide the uniformity that’s required for science.

Many Christians are convinced that there’s a reasonable basis for believing in the Creator God of the Bible without necessarily relying on the Bible itself to establish their belief.

As a scientist, do you see any compelling evidence to establish the existence of the Creator God that we find in Scripture?

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