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I had three interview last two weeks with three different recruiter and all of them want more business, except this one, I didn't even see him before and he pushed me so hard for the interview. Think about this, if a candidate doesn't show up then he or she would lose the opportunity to work for the company, that's it. They put me up for jobs I wasn't qualified for, nor was even remotely interested. I ended up going on one interview they set up for me and absolutely hated the company and was not interested.I was being nice to tell him ahead of time instead of no show on the interview day and he kept pushing me to go for the interview and asked me for the sources that how I found out about his client. Why would he push me so hard to go for the interview, why would he make it so confidence about his info? When the recruiter told me about the offer, I politely declined and told her the reasons for it.Next, feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment.By contributing your information everyone benefits. On the same end of the stick if you have reached this page make sure you read the comments because they will contain the best information of all.

Once we began to talk with people that were familiar with his background, we learned that it was very well known that he was involved in episodes like this with a number of employers and was a serial abuser of drugs and alcohol.

We ended up meeting with TJ Fox in the Reston, VA office and he told us about his experience and how he would not only find the right candidate but also verify that this person was who they said that they were.

We had TJ furnish references before we engaged Lucas Group in what they called a Container Search.

Today so many people are getting ripped off by these cons that I felt compelled me to start a list of known scammers.

However, this list of scammers is by no means a complete list.

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