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Materials Used Any suitable material to hand in the locality would be utilised and processed for making into domestic, economic and ritual objects, and this varied from island to island depending on the environment.

Tree species are known for their particular properties, and being a rainforest area, use of wood is widespread: Star Harbour on the east coast of Santa Ana Island is famous for its wood carvers.

Just as every man and woman was a gardener, each also developed skills in various crafts.

see stone mortars, below) particularly Ranongga and Choiseul Islands; a large stone sarcophagus from Choiseul is one example held in the National Museum.

Some, but not all, of this material culture is still current, and it is difficult to know whether to use past or present tense for descriptions of various items.

On islands with plentiful supplies of hard stone, stone adzes were major tools.

The centre of adze manufacture on Guadalcanal was on the Weathercoast.

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