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I don't enjoy dating to be honest, I avoid going on dates and speaking to anyone for more than two or three minutes,' said Dorothy.

Ronnie said that before becoming famous he had worked hard to meet women but that it had all changed with his reality TV fame.

Despite Malika insisting they should just be friends because of their incompatible star signs the pair ended the premiere kissing on the couch as Ronnie told the cameras of their 'natural' connection.

And they were not the only people hooking up in the show's loft as British model David Mc Intosh and Tiffany Pollard disappeared into a bathroom together before spending the night in bed with each other.

David told the group that his story was one of 'self-destruction' and that he had a history of messing things up with one-night stands.'It makes me sick is that going to be me for the rest of my life?

' he said of his cheating.'I have got an affliction,' he admitted.

Relationship expert Darcy Sterling then told the group she wanted to hear what each of their greatest challenges is.

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Oh the things that are swirling through my head,' she said.

The first participant to arrive at the loft was Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With The Stars, who told the cameras that she has been engaged three times before, including to Maksim Chmerkovskiy.'Being engaged a few times and publicly does not really help my reputation but you live and learn,' she told the cameras.'Getting married is a big deal and everybody goes through their fair share of disaster dates, that's why you have to kiss a lot of frogs.'Next into the loft was Chad Johnson who gained a bad boy reputation on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise.'Bad guys do have more fun but that's also the reason I am single,' said Chad as he told Karina that he was known for getting kicked off reality TV shows.

Dorothy Wang was next in and told the cameras that despite growing up wealthy she was a 'real person.'Wang then said she did not date short or 'dumb' guys or smokers among a long list of deal breakers.'I just think I have not met the right person yet he must be out there somewhere right? Jersey Shore's Ronnie told the cameras he was single after splitting with co-star Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola.'I lose interest, it is like I am all in then I end up doing something stupid and end up back at square one.

British model David Mc Intosh told the cameras that he had women throwing themselves at him because of his 'abs and jawline.''I do hope to have a family one day but I'm still a bit of a playboy so I gotta figure that out,' he said.'Can I start being less alpha male type and be loyal? The crown weighs heavy on the head.'Tiffany 'New York' Pollard, runner up on Flava Fav's Flavor Of Love, said she wanted to settle down but that it was 'just not happening' for her.'I know for a fact that I have self sabotaged all of my relationships,' she said.

Next in was Calum Best, who appeared in the first season of the show.'I am back, bloody hell I must be crazy,' laughed Calum as he said he had learned from the experience and his relationship with Brandi Glanville and wanted to do it differently.'Here's looking forward to the second time around,' he said.

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