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Row Editing Try Dim row As Grid View Row = Grid View1. New Edit Index) Dim ddl Customer ID As Drop Down List...gridview control in another gridview control Hi ia have a questioni have a gridview control which contains button in one my question is i need another gridview to be placed in the first gidviewso that when i click on the button the second gridview will populate the my question is how to place second gridview in first is there any approach like first grid itself acting as parent and child.please help me Hi sirikalavalapalli: I think nested gridview will help you.

In the template field I will Place a label or some controls, So that it’s very easy to access those controls in the code behind by using Find Control method. Item Template is the content to display for the items in the Template Field.

In my Visual Web Developer Express, I created a website "RPD-TCE" for extracting a row of record from the Lab Data table by using a Drop Down List, a Grid View and a Sql Data Source. App Settings("Connection Sql")) Dim str Person SQL, str Act SQL As String str Person SQL = "select row_id, first_name, last_name, middle_initial, dsi_id, created, created_by, program_of_study, email from tbl_person" Dim my Per Command As New My Sql Client. Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.

I have a gridview control that will display the available shifts but I cannot get the embedded gridview control that will display the user that is signed up for each shift to display because I cannot figure out how to use the On Row Data Bound method. Problem in Using Drop Down List Control to select a selected row of Sql Data Source that is under Grid View Control Hi all, In my SQL Server Management Studio Express, I have a database "Chem Database" that has a table "Lab Data" formatted in the following way: Sample ID int PRIMARY KEY, Sample Name nvarchar(25), Chemical Name, nvarchar(25), Concentration decimal(6.2) with 5 rows of records in this table.

Data Item, "name") Is Nothing Then Dim s Name As String = Data Binder. However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton. Grid View Row Event Args) Handles gv Configuration. A table is recording the information except their mark. For instance,a gridview displays the information of the students in a class.Please change your code as follows: Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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