Rsvp dating stamps

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I have sent 16 kisses to 16 ladies and at this moment I have had about 10/16 get back to me with the same answer, No?

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The quality of people online seemed rather low- there were not many men that captured my eye - the members seem a little bit bogan i might say ! )This is the first site that I have been on and I have found it to be quite good.Have had lots of kisses from guys and also lots of emails.I have been matched perfectly with most of them although i have had quite a few younger guys emailing me.There are so many aspects I found a little underwhelming. It didn't even have anything that enticed you to want to try much.Didn't like the quality of the matches and eventually just felt like it was a free for all for anyone that loosely fit my criteria of being 'male'.

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