Run time error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

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why update recordsets locally at the client (at all)? I don't understand the need/will to do this so if you know better please educate me?I am trying to add a new record to the table in the server.Does the index and seek function even work with ADO and SQL Server 2000? I am migrating from DAO to ADO to use SQL Server and Im trying not to change the existing code so I need to use the Index and Seek functionality as it has been used everywhere...

how can i make a program in visual programming that will determine the age based on the given birthday? how do i get my system (which clocks you in when you enter the password and clocks you out later when you enter the same password) to calculate the total hours worked by someone and their overtime as well given that the normal working hours is 8 hours?

and how can i make a program in visual programming that will determine the permanency date and retirement date given the birthday and the hire date and also given is permanency date is after 6 months and the retirement date is until he reaches 65 years old Hi i am trying to develop a library automation system but i have a problem i can't find the difference between two dates in which one is a Field from Access Database(Data Type: Date/Time) and the other one is the variable which specifies the present date and the error msg shows "Data Type mismatch" Pls Help.............. I need code to excute the avrage to two times & to display the average time Example : time1 = = 1320sec time2= = 2999Sec time3= = 742Sec total time = 5039Sec Approx 25min 19Sec What is wrong with this part in my programming where the goal is to find all data between 2 different datums only if two datums is write opposite to show the data only for first datum?

Hi sir/ madam , i need help can i have your code for back files ? Private Sub Search_Click() Dim sql As String Dim i As Integer i = 0 sql = "select * from ime_na_tabela where " If Not Is Null([Datums]) And Is Null([datumss]) Then If i how to create password in visual basic 6.0 that when user enter password three times , the system will be block..

Execute() I think it's probably your table(s) setup / query, and not your connection that's causing the issues.

We've got lots of great SQL Server experts to answer whatever question you can come up with. I have used to code below for other tables in the same SQL server and they work fine. Open Search String, cn Connect, ad Open Keyset, ad Lock Optimistic As far as I can tell the tables in the server all have the same permission settings. why aren't you using Stored Procedures to update at the server end?

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