Salisbury dating

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Our Salisbury daters are mostly between the ages of 28-38.Most singles in Salisbury are looking for anything.We’d love to have you join our Salisbury community and help you find that special someone.

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Brittonic *-dūnon, meaning "fortress" (in reference to the fort that stood at Old Sarum), was replaced by its Old English equivalent -burg. The form "Sarum" is a Latinization of Sar, a medieval abbreviation for Middle English Sarisberie.It continued as a rotten borough: at the time of its abolishment during the reforms of 1832, its MP represented three households.In May 1289, there was uncertainty about the future of Margaret, Maid of Norway, and her father sent ambassadors to Edward I.There is a seat for the Virgin Patroness of our church to which the world cannot produce a parallel.Work on the new cathedral building—the present Salisbury Cathedral—began in 1221.

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