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Once you have enough respect, walk up to them and hold R1 to target them.

Now press up on the D-Pad and they will be recruited.

In order to do so you will need to stand on a floating 2 player icon and then push any button on controller 2.

You will find 2 player Free Roam Icons at the following locations: Idlewood, Los Santos - Climb over a fence West of the bridge with the wire fencing across it and you'll find a red floating 2 player icon.

You have to complete the mission "Home Invasion" for Ryder first.

If you fly the plane inside there for about 30 minutes you will gain enough pilot skill to unlock the pilots licence early!

Get your weapon skill upgraded to Hitman by and you'll automatically dual wield the single handed weapons.

CJ can only dual-wield certain weapons which are the Colt. Other weapons will have increased stats for reaching Hitman, such as longer lock on distance and quicker reloads. Despite the name, this mission has nothing to do with Zero.

This page has been put together by many people on the Forums.

The Frequently Asked Questions thread was started by "noclip" after the game came out, and many people have contributed to the list to ensure everyone's questions are answered.

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