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The key to this couple's lasting happiness is not to avoid pain, but to find an enjoyable balance between the two. The twelve signs of the zodiac boil down to four elements with three signs in each.Water represents emotions, dreams, and the psychic arena, while the earth element is grounded in actions, sensations, and physical phenomena.And what better time to start exploring with Scorpios than during their season?“During Scorpio season, the light shines on mysteries, blind spots, and sinful delights.Although it’s a little like tourist season, too, like, ‘Why are all these normies taking up space in my lane?

Scorpio season is fun for Scorpios because suddenly everyone is on their wavelength.These two like to stay home together, Scorpio enjoying the peaceful psychic space while Capricorn does what is necessary to further her work.They both value close relationships with a small group of low-maintenance friends.Scorpios are familiar with their darkness, and they’re often charming. Leo for some fireworks (sometimes from Hell), too,” says Emily.A real connection with one can be overwhelming, but remembering to keep yourself present (while remembering this person is also human) can be really helpful. Scorpios are known for their darkness, for their kinkiness, for their love of sex, for their temper, for their passion, and for their drama.

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