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Unfortunately, you have to keep an eye on this pot in frequent spring rains.

So far, I've had to pull off the orange inlet screen and siphon water out of the reservoir with a piece of vinyl tubing because there is no overflow protection.

Tapping it gently with my finger will help it to fall to the correct level, but if I can do that I don't need self-watering!

I would recommend these as nice pots with built-in castors but not as self-watering.

I bought two of these planters this spring, as I'm trying to make my garden more self-sufficient, and a lot of the features are really nice!

The casters make it an easy pot to move, even when fully loaded, and the gauge makes it easy to see when the reserves are getting low.

By that point I couldn't take all the soil out to retrieve it so the self watering aspect of the pot doesn't work. While I appreciate the water gauge letting me the water level of this pot, there's no way to remove excess water since it doesn't drain.

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