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RSVP of the first online dating companies to have Aussie’s whispering in the corner, discussing where they found their latest date.Launching on Valentine’s Day 1997, RSVP was acquired by Fairfax Media in 2005.Since its inception, it has continued to grow and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the Australian public.RSVP were ahead of the pack by being the first online dating company to offer members the ability to send a virtual kiss to each other as an introduction.- they are displays a wealth of information even before you start creating your profile. the stamp thing is crazy and I dont know how thats even working for this company, usually its a monthly membership and doesn't even cost what this place does.worst thing was when i sent a kiss to somebody and when they returned the kiss, they want to start a conversation and either he or I have to invest a stamp, two out of my 3 stamps ended in a three sentence conversation, that went something like, ohh I just properly read your profile and i am not interested, so my stamp lasted a full 2 minutes.

i think this is should be happy if you have a member that wants to contact 50 people per day, not charging them stamps at every possible turn. The whole experience was very depressingi have found the website hard to navigate around.the chat section at the bottom of the page was clever too i could see everything that was going on.on other sites you have to remember who it is your talking too and what they said and flick between pages, but this feature here was goo.This is not visible to others just an added feature which further filters your potential dates down to a list that is close to what you’re really looking for.Once you upload your photo, it’s approved by RSVP before being made visible to other members.

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