Sedating the triple warmer meridian

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The Lower Burner runs from the pyloric valve down to the anus and urinary tract and is responsible for separating the pure from the impure products of digestion, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating solid and liquid wastes.

The stream widens and becomes less dense, the picture is one of rain covering and moistening rather than a river passing through.

The superficial branch continues to the front of the ear and crosses to the outer corner of the eyebrow, where it joins the gallbladder channel again.

Having passed up the lateral aspect of the arm from the ring finger, the triple warmer meridian passes to ST-12: [It] comes in at ST-12, then passes down to CV-17, disperses [into the chest], and drops down into the pericardium.

Continue tracing the Triple Warmer backwards as needed to help you relax and relieve stress.

This organ-energy system, which is not recognized in Western physiology, is called the 'Minister of Dykes and Dredges' and is responsible for the movement and transformation of various solids and fluids throughout the system, as well as for the production and circulation of nourishing energy (ying chee) and protective energy (wei chee).

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