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Here are a few options that will allow this procedure: Chinese Merchants Bank – for both debit and credit cards Agricultural Bank of China – credit cards only These are the banks that we know of so far.

We are certain that in the future this operation will increase as China becomes more open towards the foreign markets and many foreigners come to live here.

The next menu will just ask for your card details and then if needed it will require the Chinese ID.

But for the banks that we suggested there won’t be a requirement for Chinese ID.

There were public chats which consisted of both boys and girls asking members to type ‘123’ if they loved them and asking them if they would go out with them. Most were dressed in rock star type outfits but the boys could go bare breasted and the girls could wear bikinis and black, goth-type brassieres.

I found that if you asked someone how old they were, a warning came up stating you had violated their terms, however members were getting around this violation by using txt speak.

Simply press the “Add Card” option and follow the procedure.

Not all banks allow people from abroad to sign-up for We Chat payment.

Some of them require a Chinese ID and the process gets you stuck.

Moderators review all reports which are filed and are continually monitoring the site for inappropriate use.

You cannot get a website that is designed for children without there being some concerns and certainly Movie Star Planet has its fair share.

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