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I realised he was the quiet guy who’d been sitting on the far side of the booth. After we waited ten minutes with no cabs in sight he said he’d give me a lift home. We walked across the car park to his car and, as he was unlocking the door, I heard voiced yelling.It was the three other guys (not counting Stacey’s beau) from the club.When I got outside and the fresh air hit me I suddenly felt really woozy; looking back, I wonder if my drinks had been spiked.I was struggling to stand upright and praying for a cab when a guy caught me by the arm and asked me if I was ok.“Hey Max, what’s the idea, were you planning to sneak off without us? Max looked a bit embarrassed but, before he could respond, the other guys raced over.One of them jumped in the front passenger seat while the other two - I realised, too late, the pair who’d molested me in the club - bundled me into the middle of the back seat. I knew what was going to happen now: and on a rational/moral level I really didn’t want it to; but, at the same time, the hot slutty feelings came back too.

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I can’t tell my friends so thought I’d post it here…I was completely caught off guard (not to mention shocked) but a surge of excitement ran down my body and I felt my pussy pulse and I knew I was getting wet.Before I could recover from the shock the two guys wrenched my knees apart and those questing fingers shot inside my panties and started probing my soaking wet pussy.“Lets get her back to our place Max,” one of the guys said. I knew I was going to get gang fucked; it seemed like I had no will to resist.Between kisses I caught a glimpse of myself, half naked, in the rear view mirror surrounded by hungry young men. I didn’t have too much time to think about it, a hand on the back of my head pushed my face down onto a throbbing cock.

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