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It’s also the best way to meet other like-minded couples without any obligation.This approach is a lot easier and more comfortable than agreeing to meet a couple you’ve only spoken to online.For example, one of you might have your heart set on bringing another girl into your bedroom, while the other might want to meet another couple.Both of these sexual desires are equally valid, so be prepared to say things like “OK, this weekend we’ll meet another couple, but only if the following weekend we can invite that girl over”.

Swinger’s parties vary hugely from club to club, so it’s difficult to give you a singular idea of what any given one is like. An orgy is one big group of people having sex, swinging is more like lots of little groups.

Good communication is key when you enter the swinger’s lifestyle.

You need to talk in depth about what you’re both looking for before you start swinging, and you should be prepared to compromise and even make bargains with each other.

(This makes it all sound very formal and humorless, but in practice, this is one of the most fun aspects of the swinger lifestyle.) Similarly, you need to set your kink levels up front.

Swinging clubs and events are generally quite sensual, vanilla affairs as far as BDSM is concerned, so if you’re looking to go to a club for an erotic spanking, you’ll have to look a little harder.

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