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Ever since Alan Turing developed the eponymous Turing Test back in 1950, people have had an obsession with the idea of human-like intelligence in computers; more specifically, a computer that is indistinguishable from a person, in terms of the sort of responses it offers to various questions.

Over the decades, computer scientists have developed software tools have are increasingly adept at communicating with people.

An inherent degree of irrationality isn’t a bad thing. In fact, at some level, almost every human action is driven by our desire to experience pleasure and avoid pain, gain social acceptance and avoid rejection, and ultimately, to survive.Also, contrary to what we’d like to believe, we are far from perfectly rational.Chatbots are also utilized to simplify immigration processes, and provide legal aid for the homeless.And, as I explained in an earlier piece, chatbots can play a variety of useful roles for businesses, most prominently in customer service.

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