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The police might also take emergency protective custody if the parents on scene are being arrested or if the child is lost.If the child needs emergency medical care, the officer will take the child to a health care facility.There are some exceptions to this rule such as trade secrets, information that would constitute unreasonable invasion of personal privacy or records in an ongoing criminal investigation.The South Carolina Code of Laws gives the list of exceptions in its entirety.One example is the doctor-patient privilege, where normally doctors can’t talk to others about their patients.If a report is made in bad faith, then the parent or guardian who had to respond to the report might be able to obtain the identity of the reporter and sue the reporter.You can get an idea of the local economy by studying the data on companies and firms doing business in South Carolina as well as information on current housing and real estate data.

There are 46 counties and 269 incorporated cities and towns in the state. South Carolina is known as the first state to secede from the Union on December 20, 1860, but it was restored to the United States during reconstruction after the Civil War.

Find information on property records and taxes from the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Search for South Carolina public records fast and easily using a multitude of research sources.

Request copies of birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates from the Department of Health.

There are wonderful facts and figures from the census bureau on the education and background history of the residents of the state.

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