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She said she had a miscarriage.’ I knew I had to go home and be with her. All I wanted to do was just be there.” Tiffany: “That was very tough. She always tries to look at the better side of everything.” Tiffany: “When I miscarried, it was hard for us to talk about it with other people.It was hard for me to grasp why this was happening. Our parents knew it happened, but we didn’t really tell anyone else.

I remember the first Friday that I went to school in Green Bay.The baby was gone.” Justin: “I was working at the time, and I knew she was going to the doctor.But when she called me and she was crying, I was like, ‘Oh no. ’ But when I looked to my faith, I knew God did this because something must be wrong with the baby, and God didn’t want it to have to go through all of that, so it was just easier to take the baby now.” Justin: “She’s very spiritual, and that’s what I love about her.So I applied and landed my dream job: being a 4K teacher at Luxemburg Elementary! They wanted me to wait a little while before I came in to let the baby grow a bit.I was working back where I went to school as a child. A couple weeks later, I went to the bathroom at school and started bleeding.

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