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“I figured it would go over like Led Zeppelin at a Lawrence Welk concert.” The two dozen or so customers who packed into Sax Daddy’s for the Saturday night show had made reservations months in advance.They got a meal, typical country fare such as chicken parm or baked lasagna in a rustic dining room dressed up in red velvet curtains and satin flowers, like a Nana’s basement on Wolf Street. Stasiunas burst onto the small stage and ripped out an “Uptown Funk” saxophone solo. Stasiunas was dressed in black and after his Bruno Mars riff, he wiped sweat from his brow and eased into a 20-minute comedy sketch, rated PG-13. “My high school was so tough,” he said of his Bishop Neumann days, “our school newspaper had an obituary section.” Stasiunas tore through a medley of songs, whole decades at 30 seconds a clip, and his booming rendition of “The Sound of Silence” could probably be heard over the mountains in Eagles Mere.’ and I say ‘Yeah, I ain’t doin nuttin.’ I’m thinking Poconos.There’s two places you go on vacation from South Philly, the Poconos and down the Shore. “So we’re driving and driving and driving and I’m like, ‘Yo, are we lost,’ and they pulled up here, right up the road.On a recent Saturday night, a rarer sound accompanied the creek’s white noise at bedtime.It wasn’t the elusive saw-whet owl up in the sugar maples.The store, which dates to 1851, once sold everything folks from Forksville needed, such items as nails, powdered milk, a variety of saws, and perhaps some lard.Today it’s full of tourists buying ice, firewood, and throwback candy. ” Some would say Forksville is too far a hike for a cheesesteak, but, coupled with Sax Daddy’s dinner show, it’s all too wild and delicious to miss.

He also hosts a raucous dinner show every Saturday night, where he cracks jokes and plays music with his local musicians, including his daughter, Michele Michele Stasiunas, Mike’s daughter, ended a 12-hour shift at the store on the keyboard, singing Adele and Amy Winehouse. “I put a record out, but I don’t know how many people heard it,” she said, cleaning tables after the show.

Sax Daddy sat on a stool up on the stage, sipping water and trying to be humble with customers who praised the show. Patrons laughed their way into the dark parking lot.

When their trucks and motorcycles rumbled away through the valleys and up into the hills, the only sound in Forksville was the creek running through it.

It came from inside that quaint, clapboard general store. “Prepare yourself for tonight’s main event,” an announcer told a rowdy crowd of two dozen people who clapped under disco lights.

“The one, the only, Sax Daddy.” “Sax Daddy” is Mike Stasiunas, 63, originally from 21st and Mifflin in South Philly.

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