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The two bids could be an encouraging sign for folks who want the property to remain a golf course.

Bidders are Gary Martin of Platte City, a developer who worked in cooperation with the county back in the 1990s in forming the course, and Great LIFE Golf & Fitness, an outfit that specializes in the concept of combining fitness centers with golf courses.

“After 9/11, the security wall was constructed in the center of each 72-foot-wide terminal which means 11 million passengers last year moved through 36-foot wide corridors pre-security checkpoint and post-security checkpoint,” she points out.

The new airport would also allow mean “airlines have room to grow,” Stephens said.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs, which will equal more economic impact for the region,” Stephens added.

“KCI has served the region well for 40 years but it is time for improvements,” says Stephens, and I agree.

Any final action will lie in the hands of the Missouri Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is authorized to review the panel’s decision and impose any punishment ranging from a public reprimand to a suspension to disbarment. ****** A few weeks ago I made the comment that playoff baseball is a national treasure.

The food options--if you can find any--are extremely limited.When there’s a line of 10 other guys waiting to pee in front of you what’s so convenient about that? There will be more parking at the terminal, separate lanes for commercial drop-off and pick-up traffic, moving walkways, more restrooms (Praise Jesus! Not everyone agrees a new single terminal should be constructed, and that’s fine. Here’s hoping Kansas City voters give the question a thumbs up on Tuesday.****** The drama surrounding the drawn-out matter of an ethics complaint filed by criminal defense attorney John O’Connor against Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd is finally moving toward some form of resolution.As we reported a few weeks ago, a three-member disciplinary panel will hear the matter next Monday and Tuesday, Nov. That panel will hear evidence and recommend to the Missouri Supreme Court what discipline, if any, to impose.The panel must issue a written decision within 30 days after the completion of next week’s hearing.

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