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The shaitan (evil) can deceive people anytime so we should be alert...

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But if the aim is to convey and to endear Islam, this is out of matter.A Muslim’s talking and communicating whether mutually or virtually with one of his/her Muslim brother or sister is a good deed. A man’s talking with a woman necessitates some points which should be taken into consideration in some aspects For example, it is certainly not true to gossip, to lie and to talk about love, passion and things which turn on the carnal feelings.It makes no difference whether she/he is married or not for such a subject, but the sin of a married person is much more." Guy 2: "Yeah, I'm gonna chat up the one in the tight black skirt. The girl goes to the restroom while the guy places the order.When she comes back, the guy and the waitress have just finished talking.

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