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Peter Bullimore, a trustee of the English Hearing Voices Network, published a beautiful children’s book that was dictated to him by his voices. I’ve met people whose voices do that though, like a chorus. Even this can be useful though, as it’s a reminder to take some time out and look after myself. Actually, this was something I used several years ago during therapy – my therapist would say for example, “I’d like to speak with the voice that’s very angry,” or “the voice that talks a lot about [a particular traumatic event],” and he’d dialogue with it.

Other people sometimes describe voices that sound like a football crowd, or a group talking at a party. I relate to them so much better now, so if they become intrusive and I ask them to be quiet in a calm, respectful way — then 99% of the time they would. Is there a time when you want to hear voices or are you always trying to get them to be quiet?

For example, everyone knows what it’s like to have intrusive thoughts.

And most of us recognize the sense of having more than one part of ourselves: a part that’s very critical, a part that wants to please everyone, a part that’s preoccupied with negative events, a part that is playful and irresponsible and gets us into trouble, and so on.

It can also vary depending on which voice is speaking. I should probably insure them actually, because if they do ever go I’ll be out of a job!

This seems extraordinary given how desperate I used to be to get rid of them.

Or sometimes they’ll discuss something I’m worried about and debate possible solutions.

And if you can’t do anything about it, there’s no point in worrying!

” Do the voices sound like they are coming from inside your head or through your ears?

At a recent conference, I heard a really extraordinary fact: that people who’ve been deaf from birth don’t hear voices, but see hands signing at them. I sometimes discuss dilemmas or problems with them, or ask their opinion about decisions, although I would never let them dictate something to me that I didn’t want to do – it’s like negotiating between different parts of yourself to reach a conclusion ‘everyone’ is happy with.

So, for example, maybe there’s a voice that represents a part of me that’s very insecure, which will have different needs, to a part of me that wants to go out into the world and be heard.

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