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On these i/o pins external peripherals are connected. Most of the pins of a microcontroller are input output pins.

The rest are power supply pins or the crystal oscillator pins.

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x Board also demonstrate the interfacing of TV's IR remote control with microcontroller.

You can easily make a wireless IR remote controlled robot. x Board v2.0 Complete Documentation Resources x Boardâ„¢ v2.0 is powered by Atmel AVR series of high performance 8bit MCUs, these MCUs are very popular in hobby electronics.

You can run them clockwise or anti-clockwise or stop them at all. The advantage of these primary motors is that you can control their speed also.

You can also control two stepper motors by using the inbuilt motor drivers.

The user is expected to know the basics of C programming language and should also have sufficient experience in their usage.

The following two tutorial will help you become families with the software development process This tutorial is aimed at the peoples who dream to get into the field of embedded system development.

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