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Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Florida Congressman Ted Yoho; Interview With California Congressman Adam Schiff; North Korea Nuclear Crisis; Trump on Nuclear Arsenal; Harvey Weinstein Investigation; More Women Make Allegations Against Weinstein; 21 Dead, 3,500 Buildings Feared Destroyed in California Fires; 89 Percent of Puerto Rico Still Without Power After Hurricane.Aired 6-7p ET • Interview With California Congressman Ted Lieu; California Fires; Trump vs.Aired 5-6p ET • Police: Suspect Prepared for Attack for Weeks; Federal Charges Filed Against New York Terror Suspect; Trump: U. Aired 6-7p ET • Interview With Delaware Senator Chris Coons; Terror in New York City; Eight Dead, Multiple Injuries in New York City Terror Attack; Trump Rejects Bannon's Hard Line Against Mueller, For Now.Aired 6-7p ET • Officials: Truck Plows Bike Riders in NYC, 6 Dead; Interview with Richard Blumenthal.Aired 5-6p ET • FBI: Papadopoulos Obstructed Probe by Shutting Down Facebook Account Showing Communications with Russians.Aired 5-6p ET • Explosive Charges Filed in Trump-Russia Probe; Interview With Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey; Russian Linked Pages on Facebook Served to 126 Million Americans During and After Campaign; Former Trump Campaign Chair Manafort Indicted, Under House Arrest.Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro; Attorney General Sessions Hesitant to Answer Questions Before Senate; Crisis in Puerto Rico Continues; Trump Faces Off Against Military; Sessions Contradicts Trump on Comey Firing; Struggling to Survive A Month After Hurricane Maria.

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Aired 6-7p ET • Mueller's Investigation Asking About Kushner's Role in Firing of Comey; Attorney General Under Renewed Scrutiny on Capitol Hill; New GOP Plan Would Cut Taxes, Limit Popular Deductions. Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries; Charges Filed in New York Terror Attack; Source: Trump Didn't Dismiss Adviser's Idea of Putin Meeting; Federal Charges Filed Against New York Terror Suspect.

Aired 6-7p ET • Source: Authorities Believe Gunman Rigged Car to Explode; Alleged ISIS Plot Targeted Times Square, New York Subway; White House On Trump's "Storm" Comment: "Wait And See"; Tillerson's Future Seen As Uncertain After 'Moron' Remark; Trump Demands Military Options At "Much Faster Pace"; Police: Unclear What Gunman's Plan Was For Explosives In Car; Hurricane Warning Issued For New Orleans. Aired 6-7p ET • Sheriff: Gunman Planned to Survive Massacre and Escape; NRS: Bump Stocks Should Have 'Additional Regulations'.

Aired 5- 6p ET • Interview With Nevada Congressman Ruben Kihuen; Trump to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal; New Details Emerge in Mass Shooting Investigation; New Forecast: Hurricane to Hit U. Aired 5-6p ET • Shooter's Girlfriend Interviewed by FBI; Trump: Shooter Was 'A Very Sick Man, Demented'; Tillerson Staying on Amid Open Discord with Trump.

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Maine Senator Angus King; Trump vs.

Mc Cain; Senate Democrats and Republicans Reach Deal on Obamacare; Trump Warns Mc Cain He'll Fight Back: "It Won't Be Pretty"; Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's Latest Travel Ban.

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