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It happened to me in Colombia when I was twenty-six. She was one of nine children in the Jaramillo family. "I'd like you to come live with me, Chica." I liked her laugh, although it didn't sound promising. She followed me, haunting and distracting me and draining the usual pleasure I'd had in my work. I spent a week there talking to Francisca and left on my own, again refused with a laugh and beguiling, twinkling dark eyes. Julius, the marina manager, had kept an eye on the Fountain for me while it was docked in Trelis Bay. " he asked, nodding at Francisca as she stood staring at the bay. She was laughing hard by the time we hit two-thirds speed at sixty-five knots, the twin Mercury power plants singing in excitement to me. Guiding my 42' Fountain Lightning with a short burst of reverse thrust, we bumped gently against rubber protectors. Her hair was wild and messy from the ride, but she had this shit-eating grin on her pretty little face. I discovered a strong sexual attraction in me for her slender young body which was intensified by my love for her. Besides, I wanted her to love me; she was going to be my wife eventually, if I could convince her. She took to water like a seal once she learned the basics, her fear dissipating. Eventually, after no more than two or three agonizing minutes, she stopped. In the morning I saw her looking at my crotch every so often and wondered what thoughts were going through that pretty head, because clearly she was pondering something. Like anything Francisca would do, she'd do it with zest, with zeal, fully committed. I'd admired the shape when inside a bathing suit or stretching rather chaste cotton panties, but let me tell you, it's nothing compared to the real thing, undressed, unhidden, and proudly on display. Inevitably the tip of my erection would touch her back and Francisca would lean back pressing against it, driving my arousal even higher.We struck up a conversation as I asked about local sights I was being paid to photograph. The scars and calluses on his hands spoke to manual labour, his fingernails cracked but scrupulously clean. Carlos' face was an encyclopedia of personality, so I took the opportunity to ask him if I could photograph him and his family, offering to pay, of course. But Alejandro, it's not my decision, it's Chica's." "What if I asked her, what if she agreed? Shopping with Francisca was a completely alien experience. Her vulva looked so big it was almost like it was hanging down in the center of the gap at her groin. But her newfound casualness created a problem, and a rather satisfying, if unexpected, solution. I appreciated it greatly, but showers had been my one place where I could release the tensions of having a highly desirable girl around me all the time. " She grinned again, completely at ease, completely curious. The first few times I came far too fast, spraying semen like a water hose, gasping and seeing stars, my body wracked with pleasure. The first stage was when she tried to stop me ejaculating by squeezing my erection hard using both fists.

This area of Colombia was lush, green and quite productive. Instead of a chaste washing, I carefully caressed her.

" He probably thought so since he was holding 7.2 million Colombian Pesos. I knew I'd be bringing Francisca back to visit her family and I didn't want her hurt in any way. She'd squeak and run if I saw her in her undies, giggling as she ran. Yet her pure, unadulterated enthusiasm was addictive. Clothes shopping with Francisca proved beyond a doubt that there was a shopping gene unique to females. " I grabbed her wrists as she made to wash my proud peter.

Please, it's our custom." It wasn't and it was only about 4,000 US Dollars. My real motivation was to make sure they could feed and clothe themselves. She grinned and gulped with bits of the macaroni slipping down her chin and a milk moustache as she finished her second glass of milk. I also felt an ache in my chest, that uncontrollable, overwhelming feeling of love. Francisca was intensely attractive to me despite her age. She'd sleep with me every night but I hadn't put a hand on her inappropriately. I'd never tried so many bad foods, even though I was a single male.

Windows were open squares with no glass, just curtains hanging limp in the still heat. I know." "So come back later, when she's a woman," he suggested waving the beer bottle in the air. I had to admit the release of all the tension that had built up felt very good. I wondered if there was any wiggle room in my promise to Carlos. A look of concentration appeared on her pretty face, hair damp tendrils pressed to her small body. She discovered through feel and observation she could anticipate my climax. Francisca screamed in delight when I opened up my Fountain Lightning all the way on the return trip, creeping up on 110 mph, the boat crashing down hard over the swells, Francisca bouncing in her seat. When I turned, all I saw was a ten-year-old girl disappearing up the path, running like mad.

The sound of our engines died away, Carlos' ancient truck ticking over as if refusing to die. On-and-off I spent four days with the Jaramillo family taking photographs, with a bias for Francisca. However, while I appreciated the temporary relief and the sexy display Francisca had provided, I was slightly confused. She stroked my soapy erection not knowing what her actions were doing and I came rather forcibly, ejecting rope after rope of cum into her hair, her amazed face, her upper lip, her chin and eventually her chest. "It gets bigger Alejandro," she stated proudly, squeezing my aching shaft. " "Alejandro, I love you, you love me, we get married. When we arrived home in the dark, dock lights guiding me, she didn't even care her new dress was soaking wet. In the shower she looked at me inquiringly when I deftly dodged her reaching hands, warm water spraying down on us.

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