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Also you can “capture today’s moment,” by sharing a picture of something that amazed you today.

It’s 2011, not 3011, and we’re not all in a squirming bisexual space orgy of moral relativism with open marriages.

You can still try your luck, I guess, but maybe don’t say something like, "I have a girlfriend, but I love your blog." (Also, try to wait until the third or fourth date to mention that you’ve obsessively Googled her.

This tends to scare women, for some reason.)*** **Additionally: No matter how innocuous you wish to seem, please avoid using shortcuts to familiarity, like winks or acronyms or referring to the object of your affections as "ya." As in, "Just wanted to send ya a message." I’m sorry but I can’t tell if you’re being easygoing or one of those murderous upper-Midwestern hill people from the ski-horror movie I just watched on Netflix.*** **Finally, anybody being approached knows that it’s awkward.

(Aside from dignity and advanced privacy controls.)But I realize that sometimes this isn’t possible, and that sometimes, you’re compelled to Internet approach a stranger.

I totally get reading a girl’s Tweet and wondering what she looks like, all kitted up in Anne Taylor finery for a cousin’s wedding.

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