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Picture: Michael Oliver-Semenov As you asked, I have to say that in my opinion she ‘wears the trousers’: she makes the majority of decisions when it comes to spending money, where we spend our holidays, our future plans; she even edits my work and advises me what to submit to each publisher. Men like to ‘appear’ as the boss when in fact women always have the upper hand; that’s how marriage works doesn’t it?In Russia there is an expression that goes something like this: ‘Russian women can stop running horses in their tracks’.Picture: Michael Oliver-Semenov One I very much wanted to avoid and would have had my editor and wife not goaded me into providing an answer.I must tread carefully as my wife and editor are both Siberian women and I don’t want to lose this space on the Times or wake up to find I have had parts of me removed by a very angry wife. I always want from life something fairy, something unusual. more about Valentina from Sumy Over 10,000 personal ads of beautiful Russian brides. more about Rita from Konstantinovka I am romantic in my soul, though everybody considers me to be realistic.

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I can’t say anything concrete without writing even more sweeping statements, and I’m still really worried I might come across as a sexist pig (if I haven’t already).

My male students on the other hand cannot cook a single thing. Their primary role according to them is to ‘provide’, ‘fix things’ and be manly. Only, my questioning and attempts to ‘educate’ so to speak can be seen by some as an attempt to subvert Siberian culture; so I have had to tread very carefully.

Siberians have lived with these values for a long time and it’s probably not my place to try to change anything.

My mother-in-law for instance is a force of nature.

She takes care of everything at home and grows lots of vegetables at the dacha.

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