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They are the puppet master and the victim is a mere pawn in this sick game. The narcissist is kind, helpful and often well liked. No one else can understand the trauma of what the victim feels b/c most people never see the dark side... Stash cash & leave when you [email protected] Kelly - you (me, whomever) cannot (repeat CAN NOT) work through this.As a (former) clinical psychologist - I've seen many women (especially - but men & children (sob) are victims too) jump through 10,000 hoops - change everything about themselves to never make the narc happy. This is a personality disorder and can only be "managed". The victims are used up & discarded - left as shells of their former selves.But as soon as something bad happens and it’s not even your fault or they feel embarrassed or something, it’s very possible they’ll just discard you,” Kouffman Sherman says.

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If you're dating/married to/BFF's with a malignant narcissist - seek trusted help immediately. You can't reason w crazy & "you can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being".

“If you’re crying or are upset, they get bored very easily and can’t really understand what you’re going through, mostly because it’s not that interesting to them,” Kouffman Sherman says.

Thoughts or feelings that aren't directly related to a narcissist's own won't hold their attention.

“Even though you feel special, you realize they don’t even really know you.

Real intimacy requires a lot of sharing and listening, and you might walk away feeling really tired and drained and realize they mostly just talk about themselves.”It may seem as if narcissists are so full of themselves that they don’t need anyone reminding them how great they are, but that’s exactly what they need.

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