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“I think maybe I’m a racist,” writes Charu, 31, 14 kilometres away, active 2 minutes ago. I need 2 know if u r up 4 it.”I’m not quite sure I am, so I stall. Look, I’ve lived as an extreme racial minority for the majority of my adult life, and being a straight white man dating in non-white lands rallies from what Louis CK would describe as “a me?“I only want 2 fuck u coz u r white.”Before I can decide if it’s racist, or if I care that it is, she’s into her right-swiped list of conditions.“I’m married,” she types, “so if I do this, I need 2 know I’m going 2 get what I want.”“Which is what? ” to being mistakenly identified as one of those “walking ATM” expats that I’m definitely not, to once having a woman on the street come up and spit on me. Over my 15 years of peripateticism on five continents, meeting women in the usual, old-fashioned sorts of ways, dispelling the stigma of online dating has been an extended and forced attrition.My goal is to wean Muslims from Islam and this cannot be done unless we offer them an alternative that is better while it satisfies their basic needs for morality.I pray that you realize the damage that you are causing to not just my cause and to your country, but also to countless lives and innocent children.I don’t subscribe to your plan and don’t agree with your strategy. The reason I don’t is because I don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

There’s always been too many dicks on the dance floor in India.There wouldn’t be any plane crashes if there were no air travels. But no one suggest we get rid of airplanes and cell phones.What you do is the side effect of what I strive to achieve. We don’t get rid of freedom just because some people abuse it. I regard your profession a vice – something that leads to the destruction of family and the society, and considering that you operate from an Islamic country, I see you as an obstacle in my way to set Muslims free.If Libya falls into the hand of Islamists it will be disaster for the people. My colleagues and I in a race against time in order to break the hearts of Muslims in Libya to leave Islam, by making their wives a sluts in the West with a non-Muslim man, and so will break the resolve of the Muslim men, and know that their wives love Westerners and hated in Islam. Islam promises to deliver them and that is its lure. It promotes prostitution in the name of muta or temporary marriage. Sexual libertinage destroys the family, without which the society crumbles. Religions have been the custodians of it and as such we must be grateful to them. We are very different from other mammals and primates. So my friend, if you think the solution to get rid of Islam is pornography and prostitution of Muslim housewives, I am afraid you cannot be more mistaken.We seek to promote the culture of pornography among Muslims to leave their religion, and the women are half of the society, and this means that half of the population will be in a row our leader Mr. Of course, like all promises of Islam this too is a lie. Human children have psychological needs that are not significant for the survival of other mammals and primates. You will pave the road for the Islamization of your country like no one can.

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