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He has a background in literary theory and he posed that the FLOSS HCI community could learn a lot from Kenneth Burke, particularly by applying dramatism rhetorical analysis to communications in the FLOSS community to better understand what’s really going on during FLOSS discussions.

🙂 ) Then, each of the five groups got up pitched their conference to everyone: Finally we finished up with a discussion on where to go next.CHI is the ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems annual conference.Last year, CHI was in my ‘hometown’ of Boston, and I attended the one day that had a few sessions on FLOSS and HCI back then, including a panel session on Open Source UX organized by Scooter Morris and Bonnie John.My rough notes on this are here: Where should we go next?As a FLOSS contributor, how would you like to join the conversation / see it carried on? If the FLOSS HCI community members were to join up with the FLOSS community, what would be the most appropriate venue to do so?

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