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Tommy Peoples of Donegal is often cited as the leading exponent of the treble, which he executes with great speed and precision.

Whilst most players will only use trebles on a reel, Peoples also uses them whenever he plays jigs.

In general he was not impressed, referring to the Irish as being “They [the Irish] seem to be incomparably more skilled in [musical instruments] than any other people that I have seen. Three different names are given to types of lyre ; the - all were plucked instruments (the timpan was not a drum despite the connotation of its name).

The Norman Girald Cambrensis visited the country in 1185. It is remarkable how, in spite of the great speed of the fingers, the musical proportion is maintained.” There were numerous stringed musical instruments in use at the time; the accurate naming and descriptions of these is open to a good deal of confusion.IRISH SCOTTISH WELSH SCANDINAVIAN KLEZMER BALKAN EAST EUROPEAN POLAND BALTIC HUNGARIAN MIDDLE EAST AND MEDITERRANEAN INDIAN CHINESE MEXICAN CUBAN OLD TIME CAJUN BLUEGRASS JAZZ BLUES ROCK WESTERN SWING CANADIAN _______________ Violins and accessories contact Chris Haigh Irish fiddle music is heard the world over, whether it’s at a trad pub session, where fiddlers and other musicians gather to play for an evening’s fun, or in a professional setting at a ceilidh, concert or festival.The Irish fiddle tradition has become common currency for fiddlers across the British Isles, Europe, America and beyond, and today some of the finest players are not even Irish by birth.This could be split into five notes; EGEDE or 13101, all slurred together. Many Irish fiddle ornaments are direct imitation of pipe ornaments, and this is particulalry so with the cran.The five notes can be given equal length, or there may be more stress on the first one. The pipes are unable to stop the flow of air within a tune, so on a D note, for example the piper has to add non-melody grace notes if he wants to interrupt the note.

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