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The city was located on the Via Domitia, a Roman road constructed in 118 BC which connected Italy with Spain.

Its name appears in inscriptions in Gaulish as dede matrebo Namausikabo = "he has given to the mothers of Nîmes" and "toutios Namausatis" = "citizen of Nîmes".

Mckernan, Microscopy and Microanalysis, Vol 8, supp.2, Cambridge University press, pp 428–429 (2002) K.

Nîmes was already under Roman influence, though it was Augustus who made the city the capital of Narbonne province, and gave it all its glory.

It was also known as the birthplace of the family of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

The Wars of Gaul and the fall of Marseille (49 BC) allowed Nîmes to regain its autonomy under Rome.

Some years later a sanctuary and other constructions connected with the fountain were raised on the site.

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