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They asked 39 of the participants to have their brains scanned with a functional MRI (f MRI) prior to the event while the students looked at pictures of their potential suitors.The participants were asked to rate the pictured individuals on a scale of one to four on whether they would be interested in pursuing dates with them.Not surprisingly, the students were pretty adept at knowing which people they would be interested in pursuing just by looking at their picture.But when the researchers matched up the brain scans with the real-life dating decisions, they found that a certain region of the prefrontal cortex was almost always activated when participants had an immediate attraction to a person.Any potential matches will be invited into the “designated love zone,” where there will be chocolate, nibbles and Prosecco on hand for the perfect mini-date. In honour of their annual Feline February celebration, the animal charity is hosting a "speed dating event for all the single felines looking for love".MORE: Online Dating Gets a Little Less Virtual During the speed dating event, the students were allowed to mingle and chat with one another for no longer than five minutes each.At the end, they filled out a form indicating which people they wanted to see again, and for those who mutually agreed, contact information was exchanged.

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland recruited 151 heterosexual college students for a speed dating study with a twist.And this was not all; in fact a parallel qualified networking session was going on at the same time indoors.At this session, 30 matched meetings took place, and as you can see from the photos, lots of new connections were made.If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.

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