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BUG Fish will no longer need to deal with two oppressive decks fighting each other and will be allowed to deal with a more varied metagame.We might see a wide range of BUG decks be it a Fish deck, control or Oath/Tendrils again.It could either be paired with black when combo decks start to see play again or with white which has access to better sideboard cards and the premier removal in Vintage and Legacy - Swords to Plowshares.Hard control decks of all kinds can finally emerge again and Mana Drain can possibly be a good card once again!Young Pyromancer is a creature that many people almost forgot about.

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BUG Fish was one of those decks because it was capable of preying on Mentor but had really hard time with Shops.

Monastery Mentor has emerged as the clear best win condition for blue decks, and can be difficult to combat and recover from due to the number of powerful zero- and one-cost noncreature spells available in the format.

In an effort to weaken such strategies and allow for more diversity in choice of win conditions, Monastery Mentor is restricted.

The Vintage during the best time for me usually had 2-3 people joined. We wanted Vintage Leagues and wanted them really badly because we knew that more and more people would leave Magic Online or Vintage as a format.

Vintage Leagues would bring more players, at least that's what we thought.

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