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Same as teachers aids, I know teachers aids that tell ppl that they are teachers just for the attention or to make ppl think higher of them. Most students are wonderful, but it's those few demanding students that can just wipe someone out. In fact, some administrators will consider it "poor classroom management" if a teacher has a truly nightmare student, and refers that student to an administrator.I'm not sure about nursing, but teaching can be very isolating.

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the combination of stress, responsibility and powerlessness creates a great deal of tension that spills over into personal lives.I think they are maybe LPNs or teachers assistants........... We do almost all things RNs do, just different clientelle (must have predictable outcome). I go home at the end of the day (no I don't sleep at school).RNs, RPNs, and LPNs are the only professions legally aloud to call themselves nurses. We offer more services and well-trained care then Care Aids (although Care Aids are the backbone of healthcare). I have been sittin at this damn desk for like 5 hours now and am slightly spacey. Truth is male nurses are in high demand since they can physically lift more, idea being they won't hurt themsleves as often since women can carry less weight (and end up carrying more then they can handle and end up with a back injury). For me to be fired based on either my profile or comments I post on an ADULT DATING Site is a bit ridiculous.The only time teachers interact as peers is during lunch break, planning period (if they have one) and perhaps a few minutes before or after school.People tend to think that teachers are extraverted, but I recalling hearing that college professors as a whole are introverted.

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