Templatefield not updating

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Here is my code: " Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Employees] WHERE [ID] = @ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Employees] ([First Name], [Last Name],[Department], [Location]) VALUES (@First Name, @Last Name, @Department, @Location)" Select Command="SELECT [ID], [First Name], [Last Name], [Department], [Location] FROM [Employees]" Update Command="UPDATE [Employees] SET [First Name] = @First Name, [Last Name] = @Last Name, [Department] = @Department, [Location] = @Location WHERE [ID] = @ID" On Inserted="Sql Data Source1_Inserted" protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Grid View1_Row Updated(object sender, Grid View Updated Event Args e) protected void Grid View1_Row Deleted(object sender, Grid View Deleted Event Args e) I can also tell you that in your second posting, when it says you need to declare a scalar variable, it wants you declare a parameter for your SQL code and also will want you to assign a value to it.

Right now you have @User ID for a parameter in your SQL, but there is nothing on the interface side saying what that is.

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Net Question Answer site, specially started to allow visitors of this site ask their doubts and queries. Just click the Ask Now button and ask your question now.There are two sets of fields - for State and Country, there is a picklist field titled code and a text field. It seems to be with using the Parent relationship to traverse the object data and pull in the State Code field from the Parent object.In my testing, if you change the country Code field to Italy, the Normal State field will not update automatically while the State Code field will be updated to Palermo. Rajesh, As a workardound, we added a Salesforce formula field to display the value from the State Code field. In my first screenshot I was building a list view based on a junction object.Viewing the same record in a template field, shows: Note that 'Palermo' is a province in Italy.It's State/Province Code is 'PA' and matches Pennsylvania's code.

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